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The Wool Jeanie/Extra Spindle

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The Wool Jeanie

The Wool Jeanie is an amazing new must-have accessory for knitters and crocheters!

A yarn holder with a difference, the Wool Jeanie has a unique design. Its small magnet attachment allows your ball of yarn to hang freely, whilst gently spinning. This allows the yarn to unwind at the same rate as you knit or crochet - meaning a tangle-free, easy knitting or crochet experience!

The Wool Jeanie will arrive flat-packed, with illustrated instructions on how to put the different parts together. If needed, the Wool Jeanie can be easily disassembled after use to allow for easy transportation and storage.

The Wool Jeanie can hold a ball of yarn weighing up to 200g

Extra Spindle

We also have an extra spindle to make it easier when using more than one ball of wool

Customer Reviews

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stephen damian urquhart (bigbearinlondon)

The Wool Jeanie/Extra Spindle

Ann Millard (mil_959192)
Wool Jeanie Spindles

Excellent. So nice to be able to buy extra spindles. Will definitely buy more if necessary.

Deborah Hamber (geckodiver)
Brilliant gizmo!

One of life’s small blessings. No more straying and tangled wool!

pat Round (patsyrose356)
Just what I was looking for

Excellent value