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King Cole

King Cole Christmas Knit Book 9

King Cole Christmas Knit Book 9

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Designed by Zoë Halstead, this new Christmas knits book features two cute, cuddly teddies and six delightful Christmas-themed outfits to dress them in. The tactile teddies knitted in our Truffle yarn have embroidered features and soft, textured fur to make them safe and fun for young children whilst appealing to all ages. Careful attention to the clothes means they have been designed and made to fit the teddies perfectly and make dressing the bears easy. All the outfits are Christmas favourites; Father and Mother Christmas, a boy and girl Elf, a sparkly Fairy and, last but not least, a fun snowflake jumper and reindeer hat.

Easy-to-follow instructions accompany detailed photographs of all the items to make your knitting experience an enjoyable one.

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