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Hemline Quilting Machine Needles 80/12

Hemline Quilting Machine Needles 80/12

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Hemline Quilting Machine Needles 80/12

This pack of Hemline Quilting Machine Needles is ideal for creating stunning quilted designs. They are specially designed for machine quilting, giving you a medium 80/12 size to work with.

These quilting needles use a specially designed point to minimise any damage to the fabric and prevent skipping stitches when sewing through quilts. The set includes five needles.

The Hemline range brings a huge variety of essential sewing tools and accessories, perfect for every project. Create professional quality designs with ease.

  • Size: 80/12 (medium)
  • Five pack
  • Ideal for machine quilting
  • Designed to minimise fabric damage and prevent skipping stitches
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