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Neon Fabric Pens Decorate T-Shirts & Craft Projects

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Neon Fabric Pens Decorate T-Shirts & Craft Projects

A choice of 6 different shades of pen to personalise and decorate clothes and craft projects with these colourful pens.

Safe, Non-toxic, Washable, permanent

20ml in each pen


1. Launder garment before painting

2. Shake tube before using.  Insert cardboard under fabric side to be painted to keep paint from running through.

3.  Remove cap (practice on a piece of paper or cloth doing lines, letters etc.), hold like a pen and squeeze directly on to fabric from tip or paint with a brush.

4.  Dry overnight keeping flat.

5. Garment can be worn next day

Wait one week before washing.  For best results handwash in cool water, dry flat (do not machine dry).