100% Cotton Fabric Print – JK Rowling Harry Potter


100% Cotton Fabric Print – JK Rowling Harry Potter

Composition : 100% Cotton

Width : 112 cms (44″)

Any Harry Potter fan must have this beautiful fabric. Here we have the official licenced Harry Potter fabric in 10 different designs.

The Marauders Map – The iconic map in which holds a lot of secrets. On a cream background with red and black print of the map.

Huflepuff House – The Hufflepuff House base logo on a yellow striped background

Gryffindor House – The Griffendor House base logo on a red Striped background

Slytherin House – The Slytherin House base logo on a green striped backgroumnd

Ravenclaw House – The Ravenclaw House base logo on a blue striped background

Hogwarts – A beautiful print in white of the Hogwarts badge on a black background

Sketch  – A print of a sketch portrait of Harry , Ron and Hermionie in black on a white background

Daily Prophet Newspaper – A fantastic print inspired by the Daily Prophet and all its headlines in the Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter Logo – A gorgeous print featuring the iconic logo from the Harry Potter films.

Golden Snitch – A light golden fabric with the famous Golden snitch, Platform 9 3/4 logo, the owl and also more Harry Potter symbols.

Fabulous cotton fabric for dressmaking, crafts, patchwork and quilting

Available in half metre and a metre.

Half Metre – 50 cm x 110 cm

Metre – 100 cm x 110 cm

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